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5829 Kennett Pike, Centreville, DE.  19807
Phone: 302 218-5008

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The Philadelphia Jungian Professional Club (the Jung Club) was formed to address the needs of professionals wanting to undertake or further their study of Jungian psychology, seeking to enrich their own psychological life, and/or wishing to enhance their clinical understandings and skills. Participants are primarily mental health clinicians who share these goals and have a serious interest in Jungian psychology and its many related fields.

Drawing on the enormous body of work by Jung and post-Jungians, seminar leaders are visiting and local scholars and distinguished analysts and clinicians. These post-graduate level seminars are intellectually challenging and psychologically stimulating, in the rich tradition of depth psychology.

Although each seminar experience is built on and enhanced by a foundation of previous seminar experiences, prior attendance is not a prerequisite. Seminars are held in the Rittenhouse Square area of center city Philadelphia on various Friday afternoons, from 1 pm to 5pm, from September to May. CE credits are available, through co-sponsorship with HealthForumOnline (www.healthforumonline.com).


Participants may opt for single workshops or may reserve the series at a discounted fee. Early registration is encouraged, as enrollment is limited to 12-15 participants to ensure an intimate atmosphere, the interactive nature of the sessions, and the meaningful exploration of ideas.


For further information, please contact Dr. Jay Ann Jemail:

302 218 5008


PJPC Founding and Supporting Members:
Jay Ann Jemail, PhD; Marion Rudin Frank, Ed D; John Golden, MS;
Vincenzo Sanguineti, MD; Joseph Ternes, Ph D.